Equipment Available

UQ ROCX provides access to world class equipment for protein crystallization and diffraction studies

Rigaku FR-E Superbright X-ray generator
The Rigaku FR-E+ SuperBright is the most intense home laboratory X-ray source available today for macromolecular crystallography, providing brightness exceeding some second generation bending magnet synchrotron beamlines.
Rigaku Saturn 944 CCD area detector
Highly sensitive CCD detector for very fast data collection.
ACTORâ„¢: Automated Crystal Transfer, Orientation and Retrieval
Rock Imager
Rock Imager is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization. This robust, easy-to-use solution incubates and captures superior-quality images of up to 1000 microplates on a user-defined schedule. Load your plates and go.
Tecan liquid handling robot
Used to custom formulate crystallization condition solutions.
Mosquito Crystal & Mosquito LCP
Mosquito is the ideal liquid handling tool for setting up protein crystallisation drops in high throughput screening plates. Vapour diffusion and LCP methods are supported.
Rigaku R-Axis IV++ area detector
R-Axis IV++ area detector has very high dynamic range and can collect very high resolution data, although it is not as fast as the Saturn 944
Viscotek TDA 305
Triple detectors are capable of measuring concentration, molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity and molecular size Rh and Rg of natural and synthetic polymers and proteins. Applications include studying molecular weight, aggregation, conjugates and copolymers, and molecular structure.