Crystallization stories

Initial Screening Hit: Three conditions (the one shown above was the only one that contained PEG 8,000) were chosen from an initial screen and used to create three “random” plates using RockMaker.    

Random screen: produced a hit in 8% PEG 8,000.  

: using a PEG 8,000 and glycerol gradients produced crystals that grew rapidly  but did not translate easily to larger drop sizes.

Additive Screen
: The Hampton additive screen was run, in all three hits were obtained.   The best hit was obtained when  Hexammine Co (III) chloride was included with PEG 8,000 and glycerol.

Optimisation: a follow-up screen consisting of a Hexammine Co (III) chloride and PEG 8,000 gradient produced crystals over most of the plate. With these optimised conditions (e.g. PEG 8000,  Glycerol, and  Hexammine Co (III) chloride) crystals grew readily.